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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by wyldkat, Mar 22, 2001.

  1. wyldkat

    wyldkat Member

    Question about fork swapping in V5:

    My bike (84 GPz 550) has what appears to be anti-dive forks on it. After riding it twice at the local track (ain't mentioning who let me on it hehe) i have decided to replace the anti-dive with a standard set of forks.

    The reason i am asking is i have searched the 2000 rulebook and the 2001 on-line rulebook and it doesn't state wether i can use older or newer forks, and was wondering what you guys think of swapping them?? Should i just rebuild the anti-dive or swap another set all together???

    Diesel~glad your doing ok. Them pix were nasty!!
  2. penton

    penton Well-Known Member

    definatly swap the forks late model gsxr stuff f2,yzf.upgrading the suspension is the best it takes a little fiddling but things usually work out for the better!!!
  3. wyldkat

    wyldkat Member

    That's what i am planning on doing, but want to make sure it will still be legal in that class before i do it.

    I would hate to swap over some newer forks and then find out i can't run it...

    Sean/Mongo~ any incite into this??
  4. Diesel

    Diesel Well-Known Member

    Getting a better set of forks would be the best bet but it involves a great deal of cash and time if you can't find some that swap right over without mods. At the very least, disconnect the anti-dive plumbing and either plug the holes to the forks or fab a blockoff plate.

    Fingers are doing very well. They are filling in and gaining length... pretty incredible. I feel like a starfish.
  5. wyldkat

    wyldkat Member

    Glad to hear the fingers are doing good!!

    I was thinking of finding another set, but if i can legally disconnect the anti-dive and block the holes off i'll go that route.

    Much cheaper and easier 8^)

  6. penton

    penton Well-Known Member

    at the least you'd have to change the triple tree steam wich reqiures you to go to a machine shop,and that gets pricey.the next thing you can do is find one that the bearings match up close and have at it measure the stemslength you can fug stuff with spacers and's not rocket science.I put a fzr600 frontend on my v5 fz600 and race teched it it was the best thing i did! hell it got me number2 in the nation in 2000.harold page the race dirrector runs a xj550 with a fzr front end tom deatory(sorry tom if last names wrong)i beleive that his is a gsxr front on a h2 triple. get a susspension that race tech gold valves or emulators will go in and spring ,youll thank me later!
  7. YamahaRick

    YamahaRick Yamaha Two Stroke Czar

    I have 89 GSXR forks on my RZ350 (Vintage 2 Stroke) and RZ500 (future V5). They are both legal for their respective classes.

    My forks are conventional (non-USD), 43mm. I think these two factors are the only limits in swapping forks.

    I had a professional machinst do the work for both swaps. He pressed out the RZ steering stem, and pressed them into the GSXR lower triple. You really need to find someone that is familar with this type of work, as there are issues such as spacing and length to take into consideration.
  8. penton

    penton Well-Known Member

    verey true but to some one thta has the knowledge it no problem.ive done tons of swaps on various differt bikes.the things i can not do i take to a machine shop.and get stem pressed in and out.check out the web site. we do all that stuff we can put anything on anything.but anyway that rz 500 sounds pritty sweet i was gonna get a gamma to run v5,v6,f2-stroke but i decided to go the sv route.vintage was great,everyones the of luck on that 500

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