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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by pefrey, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. pefrey

    pefrey Well-Known Member

    1990 frame (manufactured in 89), subframe and down tubes. If buyer wants a swing arm I have a few. I will not sell the swing arms separately until the frame sells.

    The frame is in good shape, the subframe is straight but cut down, and the down tubes have also been cut. I have the title but not in my name, nor am I the listed "buyer" on the title. I could get a title for it in my name here in NJ (as an abandoned vehicle) but it would probably take 6 months and about $200 or so.

    I want to get rid of it so make an offer. Will post pics if there is serious interest.
  2. britx303

    britx303 Struggling stoic.......

    Please someone buy this from the man..................I can't keep hoarding fzr400 stuffs;) Ive got a few Fox shocks and spare emulators/forks for this if someone wants to start a build. Gotta buy this mans frame first as part of the deal.
  3. pefrey

    pefrey Well-Known Member

    In general the frame is in good condition. There are no gouges, only scratches. You may be able to zoom in on the pics to see exactly. Frame was taken from an assembled motorcycle which was not visibly damaged / tweaked. Bought from a racer who never titled it so I don't know how many owners except for the one on the title and the one he sold it to (in the buyers section, who obviously never titled it).

    Pics below. Items circled in red are for clarity of condition.
    First pic: there is the smallest dent which is nearly undetectable. Also a bracket was riveted to the frame.
    Second pic: the steering stop is tweaked.
    Third pic: bracket riveted to frame.
    5th pic: whatever that thing is on the subframe, is tweaked.
    Last pic: downtubes are cut (shortened)

    EDIT: Shipping is additional. Located in Northern NJ.

    IMG_2070.png IMG_2071.png IMG_2072.png IMG_2073.JPG IMG_2074.png IMG_2075.JPG IMG_2076.png
  4. britx303

    britx303 Struggling stoic.......

    Got it!!!! Excellent job packing all that stuff!!! Thanks again pefrey!!!!!:beer:
  5. pefrey

    pefrey Well-Known Member

    Great. I was hoping it would all stay together and not get banged up in shipment. Enjoy.

  6. pefrey

    pefrey Well-Known Member

  7. Rainer

    Rainer New Member

    I live in central NJ, anything else far related for sale? I have a mint 1996 fzr600 and on a never ending search for a fzr400 project bike or runner, I also have a 87'ysr50 build and a nsr50 runner
  8. pefrey

    pefrey Well-Known Member

  9. timspeed

    timspeed Well-Known Member

    Any YSR stuff for ssle?
  10. Rainer

    Rainer New Member

    Not currently but there is a guy in freehold on FB marketplace with a ysr50 frame and r6 body kit in a bunch of pieces and a ysr80 engine conplete

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