F/S: FZR400 3EN1 Swing Arm

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    The 3EN1 was not imported into the US and the swing arm is braced from the factory. This is one of the rarest finds, especially in this condition with what is included. If you can find it they will normally be missing the brake caliper bracket, the chain guard, the chain guides and/or the pivot end caps. What is missing from this are the stock axle, the adjusters and the end caps. However I am including an axle from a YZF600 which fits perfectly, and adjusters from an FZR600 which only need the "tabs" filed down, dremeled or whatever to fit the swing arm. This will bolt directly onto and FZR400 or FZR600. I'm not sure what you will need to do to get a wheel to fit or what brake caliper will fit.

    - There is a gouge in the brace on the RHS from what I believe was a muffler mounting bolt that backed out.
    - The head of the included YZF600 axle has been ground down but there's still plenty there to get a socket on.
    - The included end caps are from an FZR600 (one is custom as you can see in the pic) and do not fit this swing arm, you will need to make your own custom.
    - I don't have all of the bolts to mount the plastic chain guard but that should not pose any problems.

    - $225 plus shipping OBO.

    IMG_2082.JPG IMG_2083.png IMG_2085.JPG IMG_2086.png IMG_2089.JPG
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    Update: Brake caliper is standard 400 single pot rear brake (I will include one if you want) and the width is the same as the 90 Deltabox swing arm, therefore a FZR400 wheel will bolt right up.
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