Ducati 996

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  1. trussdude

    trussdude Well-Known Member

    I have a 367 pound, 155 hp 996 ()

    Awesome bikes! DE8425E4-7140-4EE1-9A13-CE8D8F074862.jpeg DE8425E4-7140-4EE1-9A13-CE8D8F074862.jpeg
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  2. TheGrouchyCat

    TheGrouchyCat Don't let my friends know I'm slow

    That’s the one! It’s a shame because my internship was in Atlanta and I always like to test ride so had this been a month ago I would have, but I checked this guy out on Facebook and he was a legit Ducati mechanic so I figured I’d trust him on this one.
    Reminds me of test riding a zx6r a couple years back with completely F’d forks that I didn’t notice until I couldn’t ride the thing in a straight line. Was some teenager that thought he could screw someone over. I was amazed that I made it out of his driveway without crashing it.
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  3. TheGrouchyCat

    TheGrouchyCat Don't let my friends know I'm slow

  4. TheGrouchyCat

    TheGrouchyCat Don't let my friends know I'm slow

    They’re becoming more like art now since people like me are getting them cheap and crashing them or blowing them up and parting em out. In fact I think I heard one’s in some big art museum somewhere. If I still have this one 10 years from now it’ll definitely be the centerpiece in my basement/living room.

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  5. motion

    motion RockyMountainMotos.com

    Congrats on a no-brainer deal. These things are addicting. You will probably spend all your money from here on out blinging it. I have a Bostrom 998S. Love it... Stars and flames and all.
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  6. Scotty87

    Scotty87 Lacks accountability

    Goddammit. Now I'm back cruising CL and FB marketplace looking for 998's. I have aways wanted one. The Hyper makes much more sense and would get ridden way more, but...

    Nice bike kid. Good job on grabbing that one up.
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  7. motion

    motion RockyMountainMotos.com

    Rode my Hyper 1100 up Ortega Hwy yesterday. Can you say Hooligan. Those things are intoxicating. I can't believe I still have my license.
  8. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    Replace the crappy OEM air filters (they're in the air runners) with an FBF Superbike TwinAir

    Get reduced angle clipons. They raise the bar's angle from a wrist-killing 15º to a comfortable and street usable 7º.

    Ask the previous owner if they did the performance adjustment to the ECU.

    If it still has the suicide sidestand, you need to modify that asap!

    Get the improved clutch slave...it will require the accompanying pushrod.

    When you start it, DO NOT REV it.
    There is a fast idle button on the throttle housing to facilitate warmup and oil circ. It takes about 90 seconds for oil pressure to develop in the heads.
    This 90 second timeframe is ideal for zippin' up the leather, fitting your helmet and strappin' gloves. If your rockers are flaked, send them to MegaCycle.

    The rear m/c is bolted to the engine case. No manner of bleeding/fluid/insulation will prevent it from getting hot, spongy, then useless.

    There was an upgrade to the rubber insulator on the starter solenoid. The old one had too much carbon in the compound and allowed the battery to drain.

    '01 996S, 380lbs, 148hp...Ducati Monster Dark paint with '01 S graphics. :D
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  9. Clay

    Clay Well-Known Member

    Dang, just dang, what a deal man!
  10. TheGrouchyCat

    TheGrouchyCat Don't let my friends know I'm slow

    Great info man thanks; just what I’m looking for! He said he upgraded the EPROM chip, is that what you’re referring to in the ECU?
  11. nlzmo400r

    nlzmo400r Well-Known Member

    I'll echo what most other Ducati owners here have said. Basic maintenance first. Do these things:

    Replace in tank fuel filter. OEM ones are costly, you can get the same thing from NAPA for much cheaper.
    When you remove the fuel pump to change the filter, replace the O-ring that seals the flange. The original ones are rubber, replace them with Viton material. Ca-cycleworks sells them.
    When you remove the fuel tank to access the pump, replace the plastic fuel connectors with metal units (ca-cycleworks, motowheels etc sells them)
    Replace the timing belts (OEM or ca-cycleworks).
    Replace the timing belt eccentric adjuster tensioner roller's nuts.
    Replace the timing belt idler pulley if necessary
    Have the valve clearances checked and adjusted if necessary
    Any good technician will notice if the rockers are flaking. If they are, have them repaired or replaced. Not that big of a deal.
    OEM style air filters are crap. For a 996 you can use the FBF style as mentioned above. I prefer the BMC type air filters, but they're ridiculously expensive for what they are. Oh well.
    Flush the brake fluids and clutch fluid
    Remove the rear wheel and hub. A lot of crap will probably fall out of the swingarm. Clean it all out and grease the hub well and reinstall it.
    Replace the chain and install a 'case saver' in front of the outputshaft sprocket
    Drain the coolant and flush it. You can just pull the hoses from the radiator and also remove the plug from the water pump on the left side.
    Make sure to check the coolant expansion tank underneath the ignition key for leaks. They're known for cracking at corners and leaking.

    Non Ducati specific:
    Most bikes of this age will need fork seals replaced and shocks serviced if they haven't recently been
    R&R chain if necessary, sprockets will likely need it too depending on mileage and condition
    CLEAN EVERYTHING! When you remove all the bodywork and clean everything well, you'll find stuff. Fix the stuff you find. Enjoy the new toy.
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  12. swiest152

    swiest152 Zoran's headache

    Is that with or with out fuel?

    My 748 was 405lbs with enough fuel for a sprint race. Not much lightweight stuff other than magnesium wheels.
  13. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Some of the best sculpture work ever.
  14. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    No, I didn't word that right...
    On that old style ecu, you could adjust the TPS using a multimeter, some test leads to tap into the ecu and whatever small screwdriver necessary to tweak for optimum performance. There may also have been an internal screw in the ecu that could be tweaked, I can't recall. Unfortunately, the sites that carried that info, I haven't seen in over a decade.
    It took the EPA "down" tune out of the program, letting the engine run as Ducati had intended. With the EPA tune, no additional tuning could ever be optimized. Not saying other tuning won't make a huge difference, just that you won't get 100% of what you're looking for...
    Just taking the EPA tune out was worth 1-2hp, the main benefit being increased throttle response throughout the rev range.
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  15. trussdude

    trussdude Well-Known Member

    That's with some fuel (1+ gallon), not full.

    My bike actually has a much lighter engine in it (1198) to go along with mag wheels, mag swingarm, ETI-fuel cel tank
  16. swiest152

    swiest152 Zoran's headache

    ETi and mag swingarm would def help. The older engines are so damn heavy too.
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  17. Metalhead

    Metalhead Dong pilot

    You forgot Ducati...

    Banana hammock
    Head band
    Fanny pack
    Gay ass tennis shoes
    Official letterhead paper
    Picture frame (from the Dragon)
    Nail polish
    Seasonal jacket
    Clothes hangers
    Coffee mug
    Rocks glasses
    Guitar picks
    And some Ducati sponsored talcum powder to put on their poofty asses after a hard 39 mile jaunt to Starbucks in the next town.
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  18. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    well, you are supposed to own all that plus a D.O.C. membership before even owning the bike :D
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  19. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    says the guy who trailers his bike up to the fontana dam :Poke:

    just sayin' :moon:
  20. Metalhead

    Metalhead Dong pilot

    I done toll y'all like a hundred effin times I need my own pillow and blankey.
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