Does this make sense to you?

Discussion in 'General' started by MR-MICROPHONE, May 26, 2005.


    MR-MICROPHONE Breakin' the Law!!

    So, the RV breaks down on the way home from VIR. It's in Charlotte right now. Water pump ended up being bad and it needed a new catalytic converter. I think that was about it. Now, I don't own the RV, Dan does. We are going to Florida this weekend and we were just talking about getting a room for the weekend because the RV is up in NC. Well, now Dan is talking about taking off of work at 1 on Friday to go to CLT to pick up the RV, drive back down pick me up and get on the road by 8. Personally, I don't see him getting back in town before 8, not to mention the time it's going to take to load my stuff, hook up the trailer, then stop by his house to pick up his g/f, all of their stuff and his dog. I'm thinking it will be about 10 before we would hit the road. :tut:
    Does that make sense to anyone here? I think he is just wanting to get the RV because of his dog. To me, that's crazy. Drive down, get a room, hot shower, and to sleep at a decent time rather than driving all damn night just to sit outside the gate, to wake up at 6 in the morning to come in and splash water on your face and work all day at the race track. Not to mention that the bathroom in the RV is "out of order". :rolleyes:

    I don't get it.
  2. puresportsdesigns

    puresportsdesigns Yea, I guess

    sounds like a regular weekend to me.:up:
  3. xsr71x

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    Drive down.. drop the dog off at my house....get a room pick up the dog on the way back.. I'm 30min out of the way...Dan's dog is a retriever or lab right? I remember meeting it at TGPR last August...
  4. Moonpie

    Moonpie Yo Yo Yo!

    I hate when people quote fourteen sorry in advance..but I had to reply this way: :down:
  5. melanie

    melanie not a dude

    Why not just do some calling & find a dog-friendly hotel? They DO exist in some universe... I swear!
  6. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Most Days Inn's and Red Roof's are dog friendly.
  7. Slider82

    Slider82 Well-Known Member

    They sure do!

    MR-MICROPHONE Breakin' the Law!!

    Re: Re: Does this make sense to you?

    Ok, so what's your point? Are you saying you don't like what I wrote or how I wrote it or are you saying that you agree with my point by giving the :down: about the issue?

    I don't remember quoting anything. I was venting more than anything and asked if what I wrote about what he was doing made any sense to anybody. :rolleyes:
  9. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Relax shiny - h's agreeing wiht you and giving a thumbs down that he feels adamant enough about to do somehting he normally hates doing - which is the quote thing.

    (took me 2-3 times reading his post to figure it out tho :) )
  10. Moonpie

    Moonpie Yo Yo Yo!

    Re: Re: Re: Does this make sense to you?

    Man.......I was saying it about myself..that I copied your whole post just to make a simple point! The thumbs was meant to signify my thoughts on your thread..that's all!

    I'd look for a hotel and get some damn sleep before spending all day at the track.

    MR-MICROPHONE Breakin' the Law!!

    Ahhh, I see said the blind man!! :D

    "Shiny" :p Makes me laugh every time you call me that. Special Ed asked me over the weekend (when you sent him to me about the parts announcement) if I was going to let you get away with calling me that. I told him you were bigger than me and you could call me whatever you wanted. :D

    MR-MICROPHONE Breakin' the Law!!

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Does this make sense to you?

    Oh OK!! Gotcha! No problem. My bad. This whole issue just has me a little rattled (in case you didn't notice) so I wasn't understanding you at first. I do now though, and thanks. No bad feelings? I have a headache and I'm not thinking straight. :p

    Hotel room......yep, that's what I'm thinking. At least for tomorrow night anyway. Hell, maybe both nights. Spoil myself!! :D

    Thanks, and sorry for the misunderstanding. ;)

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