Did this at the gym yesterday

Discussion in 'General' started by Razr, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    IMG_2841.jpg Burned the nets off
  2. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Ya got orange bouncy ball net insurance ??
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  3. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    No, but if I keep playing they will need it :D
  4. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Ohvale Maintenance & Transport Service

    Will that include the devaluation of the nets due to the damage?
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  5. Translation:

    “I don’t have the hops to reach the rim, so instead I grabbed the net and ripped it”.

  6. Ducti89

    Ducti89 Ticketing Melka’s dirtbike.....

    We’ve been trying to reach you about your basketball net’s extended warranty....
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  7. rd49

    rd49 Well-Known Member

    Actually I think he was the only guy with scissors.
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  8. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    Pretty much, what I lack in jumping ability, I make up by shooting the fukn nets off :blart:
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  9. Ducti89

    Ducti89 Ticketing Melka’s dirtbike.....

    “Is it the shoes!?”
  10. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

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  11. Once my back improves and I can shoot again, I think we need to have a beeb shooting challenge.

    Most 3-pointers made in a one minute. Or maybe most made out of 20 shots (that would be easier, since not everyone has a rack of balls available, or has someone to rebound).

    It wouldn’t be hard to do. Just start the video, set the phone down (or let someone video for you), then post it.

    I reckon it would have to be posted in the Official YouTube thread since it’s not MC related.

    We might could even get Mr Kraft @ekraft84 to bring his shooting arm out of retirement. :D
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  12. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a challenge, love it! I went 20 years without playing until I joined the gym a month ago. Its pretty cool how your decades old skills come right back.
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  13. In school I had a build more suited for baseball and played it the longest. Football was awesome, mainly just because I liked hitting people. But basketball was my passion and I still love it.

    Ive put on a lot of weight since high school (intentionally), so I don’t necessarily look like a basketball player anymore. But I can still make it rain. :D

    Contrary to popular belief, you can put on a lot of muscle and still maintain your shot. You just have to keep shooting throughout the entire time.

    Ive started shooting a little over the last couple of weeks, but only from like 10’ away at the most (basically shooting with all arms). Ive tried to shoot from deeper, but this nerve damage has it all fucked up. As you know, shooting from behind the arc is legs...and I can’t feel mine worth a shit. So I really don’t know how much legs (jumping force) I’m putting into the shot.

    I don’t want to actually jump (I’m not cleared to), but I would at least like to bend my knees and get my legs into the shot so I can shoot from deeper. But its hard when I don’t know how much legs I’m giving it. Its hard to explain.

    Anyway, we will revisit this either when I can feel my legs, or at least develop some sort of muscle memory/rhythm to judge distance. I think it would be fun,
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  14. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    I'm built more like a football player, I was happier playing baseball, I love that game. I was a pitcher, or catcher. Pitching is awesome, there's a lot of head games involved. I played basketball also, but being under 6' tall, I had to adapt, so I added a little football to the game. I grew up with 4 older brothers, and I was their punching bag. So guys my age weren't much of a challenge.
    I'm glad you're feeling better, that's a long road.

    When I started playing a month or so ago, I couldn't hit shit, but slowly it came back. I start close, then work my way out farther. It's pretty cool when things start to click.

    I just turned 58, and was playing some 2 on 2 with three 20 year olds Saturday. I heard one of them say to the other one....this old guy can play (I think they were high school stoners). I feel slow, and beat up, but it's fun.

    Keep shooting, have fun.
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  15. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    Roundball tore me up. Did something to my vertebrae in my neck. Took a couple of years to heal up...too scared to try again....being 68 has nothing to do with it. o_O
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  16. shakazulu12

    shakazulu12 Well-Known Member

    Finally back to dunking easily again after my ACL surgery. Thinking I'll hit the streetball tournaments again once everything finally gets back to normalish, so I have a while to keep working at it. My handle is the thing that is most off now though, the mind still thinks I can do things with the ball and my body seems to be looking back at me confused:D

    This is a couple years old, but about the level of athleticism I'm back to now. Still think I have another 8 to 10 inches of vertcal I can get back, my cleans are still only 30-40 percent of my pre-surgery levels and I'm trying to take the gradual approach so I can keep playing a few more years. The fact that everyone is a jump shooter and terrified of contact now will probably make this easier:p. All in all, not bad for a 40 year old that's under 6 foot and a couple decades of abuse on concrete and a pretty high level on hardwood.

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  17. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    Shak :D That's pretty impressive, and you're still looking to gain another 10'' in vertical? Is your overall game just as good? You play in college?
  18. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Hell yeah...git on up there !!
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  19. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    Count me in for a shooting challenge. Although I'm sure I'm going to suck pretty hard. Haven't picked a ball up in about 3-4 years. Played in high school and for a few years after but been awhile since I've really gotten after it. Don't think I've played regularly in about 10 years. Like Broome, I was built for baseball and better at it than anything else but got bored of it and didn't even play in high school. Basketball was what I loved but was the least talented at between it, baseball, and football. Coached some youth league teams for a few years in my adult life but haven't actually played myself in quite awhile.
  20. shakazulu12

    shakazulu12 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, so my peak measured vertical leap was 46 inches. My current is 32 inches. I think 40 inches is a good number to shoot for as a goal, and well within reason IMHO. There are a ton of old guys out there from the streetball days still getting up there. And it keeps me motivated and focused during my workouts. My game is nowhere near what it was. It's not even so much a quickness issue as my hands are like bricks now from a couple years off. I used to be able to palm the ball easily off the dribble, right now I can't even palm it if I cram it against my hand with the other hand. Just don't have the grip strength or touch. That just takes reps though. My jumper is better now than ever, but that's because I finally worked on it:D. Although I suppose it depends on perspective. I'm usually the best player on the court at any pickup games..........for two or three minutes until I get winded:beer:. But nowhere near the shape or abilities it would take to get back on a competitive court with ex pro's or college players.

    Didn't get the chance to show out during college. I tore my other ACL before my freshman season and never got in during an official game. Took two years to get back to normal again since broke college kids don't have the resources that pro athletes or ones at big programs do. But I also knew the reality that I was a starter at a mid or low tier college and at best, barely a bench player at a ranked one and not going pro. Main issue was they joked I was a "D and D" player. Meaning I was pretty much only good for highlight dunks and defense. I didn't progress the "street" in my game as a point guard and was horrible in half court sets or pick and roll. During my AAU and summerball years, there really wasn't any coaching to speak of and it was just a free for all. So ball handling slashers who wanted to be like Iverson weren't exposed as much. Shaq could probably beat me shooting three's left handed back then. Didn't need a jumper for games like that but got massively exposed when it got serious. I was still playing pickup ball with pros during the summer until my Mid 20's, and by then had become the player I should have been coming out of high-school. Played a lot of summer ball tournaments up until my earlier thirties. Still love the game though and getting back into game shape is helping me cope with all the lockdowns etc.
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