Cost of a MotoGP Crash

Discussion in 'General' started by rcarson15, Jan 4, 2020.

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    Ugh. Any way to google translate with an iPhone?
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    Get an Android?
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    No. I don’t like google selling my info to everyone and getting my phone hacked. Lol.
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    Hey, they may have sold my info the the Ayatollah, but I just read that article. IN ENGRISH!!!

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    Thank you.
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    I thought the last paragraph was interesting in regards to the engine. He says they rarely have to replace the engine due to a crash because it is so protected. I would have thought that the chance of damage internally due to lack of lubrication would be reason enough to change it. I remember talking to Beaubier's crew at the last NJMP round in 2016. On Saturday Cam had a lowside that didn't look too bad, but that night they decided to change the engine anyway. He mechanic said they didn't want to take any chances with the championship so they were putting a fresh engine in the bike. Of course the engine ended up blowing up on Sunday during the race anyway.
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    Well duh. Cam’s motors are stock junk out of japan made of very obtainable obtanium metal. Cal’s motors are made of a material called unobtanium only known to exist on the planet pandora.

    Has no one else seen this documentary too?
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    Cal....a racer that keeps on giving.
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    The engines are probably designed with some amount of crash protection in mind. They're only allowed 5 per season so blowing one up in a lowside could be very costly to championship points if allocation is exceeded.
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