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Discussion in 'General' started by Razr, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. 2blueYam

    2blueYam Track Day Addict

    My idea of a sport touring bike would be low maintenance and high reliability, so the KTM would be a no-go if you will forgive the pun.

    That Yamaha would just about ideal and should be priced well in the used market when I stop doing track days in a few years and I am ready to switch to some sport touring.
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  2. nlzmo400r

    nlzmo400r Well-Known Member

    The multistrada and such have 17" front wheels. Your new Tracer 900 to me looks more 'adventure touring' than 'sport touring' in the traditional sense and is exactly the kind of bike I was referring to. A real 'sport tourer' in my head is like a Concours or something; a ninja 1400 with tall bars and bags.
  3. 2blueYam

    2blueYam Track Day Addict

    Tracer GT has 17" wheels front and back, fully adjustable forks and is just missing a compression damping adjustment on the shock. Under 6" of travel. Slipper clutch and QS (up only). Sounds sport touring to me. Coming from an SV on the track, I would imagine it would feel plenty powerful to me. If you are coming from one of the latest liter bikes on track, maybe not. Those bike you list weigh a lot more and that takes a lot of the "Sport" out of them.
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  4. roy826ex

    roy826ex Been around here a while

    Well said, I couldn’t agree more. And factor in I only weigh 135 lbs it’ll fly with me on it just like everything else I throw a leg over lol hell my grom will bust 70 mph with me on it and quick.
  5. Brad

    Brad Swollen Member

    I bought a '13 a month or so before this thread started and had been enjoying it. Lately handling had seemed "meh" and I considered selling for a new Tracer before long. Decided to instead, put a Penske and AKs on and it put the phatty right back into it's groove x10. If it's a "keeper" I'd recommend it.
  6. ducnut

    ducnut Well-Known Member

    Those two items transform about anything. I’ve had Traxxion/Penske setups on 4 bikes. Nice choices.

    At your next tire change, consider a pointier-profiled sport tire on the front. That’ll really help the handling and lightness at the bars. But, stick with a heavyweight-rated rear for longevity.
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  7. rd400racer

    rd400racer Well-Known Member

    I ran Michelin Pilots and had a Wilber rear shock on my 05...I thought it handled excellent. Took it to 129 and kept up with my brother on his FZ1 just fine.
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  8. Yama-saurus

    Yama-saurus Bigger..Stronger..Faster

    For kicks, what PSI you running in front?
    The OM recommended 36 psi for the front is silly low for the FJR. I bumped to 40 psi on both my 07 & 13 FJR and was quite the change in handling ( considering ) and the front tire wear improved also with less scalloping.
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  9. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    Shameless plug... I've got just what you need for SPORT touring in the classifieds...
  10. Brad

    Brad Swollen Member

    42/42. Didn't believe at first but no downside to me. No funny wear, just side wear. Angel gt2 A spec felt like crap in about 3500 miles. Put a Roadsmart 3 on and adding a rear today. Front seems pretty good. Will see about feel(with wear)and longevity.
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  11. britx303

    britx303 Notorious Hippie H8R

    Lotsa great road bike/tire info here.Ive gotten so far out of the loop. I wish I could go back on the streets to cruise around from time to time. Starting to accept I need to thin the herd of streetbikes altogether :(
  12. Smilodon

    Smilodon Wannabe

    This thread kind of took off, so I missed this. Congrats!

    Nice bike. I mostly do two-up touring, so it might be a little too small for me in that regard, but I've definitely had a look at them.

    To throw in my .02 on the conversation...

    I've rented or test rode an ST-1300, ST-1100, Concours 1400, FJR1200, BMW RS/RT and own the K1200GT BMW. My original "sport tourer" was a 1990 CBR1000 with Krauser bags and a Corbin seat. And I like Hondas... But... As a rough ranking... Bottom to top.

    ST1300 and ST1100... Had a brief ride on an ST1100 and it was just weird. May have just been that bike. But, did an extended UK tour/IOM trip on a (then current model year) ST1300 and it was... well... mostly unlikable. It brought to mind old "superbikes" like the GS Suzuki and CBX... in all the bad ways. The new Goldwing would probably be more sporty.

    Concours 1400... I think it would be a great single-person sport tourer. Passenger accommodations were oddly placed to a degree that a seat change wouldn't help. Later models may have addressed this, I haven't been keeping up.

    BMW RT/K1600... Nice, but I'm not liking the huge "bagger" style fairings with stereos and whatnot. I imagine functionally they are fine, but not interested.

    BMW RS/My K1200GT/FJR Yamaha - I rode the new RS recently and liked it. Not as nice from a passenger standpoint, but probably acceptable. Nice bike to ride, though. I ended up getting the K1200GT back when I was looking, so am biased there. It is old and complex now, so probably wouldn't buy as a used bike. Almost got an FJR back then, but had a few small issues, most of which seem to be fixed in newer models...

    So... if I were buying today I'd seriously be looking at an BMW RS or FJR. BMW GS isn't really my thing when the RS exists. I'd probably be looking at a Multistrada too (and will test ride the new V4 when I can), but I am not keen on all the trade offs (like seat height) just for an ADV style for something I would only ride on-road. It is tiresome when you are two-up with full bags. I understand the new v4 multi has an even higher seat height than than the V2.
  13. prospected

    prospected Well-Known Member

    KTM offers a free upload for the new suspension (19+) suspension parameters to be flashed into the bike. I have the 19 and it’s a night and day electronic upgrade. As far as people saying unreliable, that’s funny coming from some of the folks in this crowd. Mine has been faultless and I’ve flogged it hard. No belts to worry about or extreme maintenance costs for anyone semi mechanically inclined who enjoys doing their own thing.
  14. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    I'm old '85 FJ1100 is my sport touring bike. I've upgraded it to have 17" wheels, redid the front suspension to delete the anti-dive, Penske shock and soft bags when I need extra storage. It flat out flies, is easy on gas (180 mile range) and will sport as much as I'm willing to go for it. While it's carbuerated, it's still easy to fix and did I mention, it will rock through anything sanely legal.....
    I tried FJR's (boring), CBX's (flexy flier), FZ9 (good but limited to less than 300 miles).....If I'm thinking about a 300+ mile day I'll pick the FJ.
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  15. britx303

    britx303 Notorious Hippie H8R

    Nice! Almost bought a 1980-something FJ11 years ago. Almost wish I did, but ended with my fzr400 instead. I still love the old FJs. Then after seeing the one a few years back in the classic TT sealed that respect for them.
  16. roy826ex

    roy826ex Been around here a while

    Man I’m up to 77 miles, this triple 900 Yamaha is quick! Quick shifter works like butta I just prefer down instead of up. 100 mph it’s rock solid smooth though. Cruise is just as good as my GMC truck. Very aggressive sport feeling on this bike. Front end feels pretty good in feedback I’m still dialing it in. Already dialed the rear end in. Hooked up my V1 on it, awaiting a garmin gps cradle, power cable to swap the gps unit from my T7 on the fly. Air filter access does look complicated shame on you Yamaha. T7 is so simple to check.
  17. rd400racer

    rd400racer Well-Known Member

    Curious if you've ridden a 1st Gen FZ1, and if so how does the power compare? I've thought about this bike more than a few times, like when I grow tired of riding a big ADV bike that I'm not going to Alaska on.
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  18. roy826ex

    roy826ex Been around here a while

    No I’ve never rode an FZ had a lot of friends with them but I have never rode one sadly.

    As far as the triple 900 power delivery it gets down with the business abruptly! Felt really good up to 100 through the QS, I was at 100 well before I merged onto freeway. It’ll run! Stock tires are junk! Dunlop D220 some shit cannot even buy or why would you. My front has a belt issue which is causing a wobble on decel at 42 mph. Yep it’s the tire done took the whole front end down for inspection. I can see the belt divit in it spinning. Face it Dunlop tires are junk! Shit tires ruins my first track experience at dega in 2000 for an out of round mfukr. Switched to a Michelin that day snd I’ve been with Michelin ever since. Dunlop’s are junk I wouldn’t even burn them. Waste of air.
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  19. roy826ex

    roy826ex Been around here a while

    This bike loves the highway! Cruise on it so nice! It’s a mile eater in a little bit smaller version as the FJR. Better electronics than the FJR. Man the motor rips ass! Love it’s raspy nature. I’ve hit that front end giving me feedback with minimal effort I like it, KYB stuff is really pretty good now days way better than Showa junk off the floor.
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  20. Rising

    Rising Well-Known Member

    Not first gen but some comparison to the second.
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