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  1. VINTAGE777

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    I replaced the clutch in my 350 honda,The clutch i ordered is suppose to be a heavy duty set up.The stock clutch pack has 8 discs the pack they sent me has 7,but it seems to have the same total thickness as the 8,will only having 7 discs cause slippage?
  2. footwork

    footwork Honda Research Analyst

    Yo 777- all you need to worry about is the
    stack height. If total thickness is the same
    than you should be fine. I use standard oem Honda Clutch friction discs with Barnett springs, or just stock springs shimmed with an extra washer. How is your fairing repair?
    see you later- BTW- my stock friction discs
    lasted all year....
  3. VINTAGE777

    VINTAGE777 Guest

    The Fairing is fixed,just have to paint it again.I think i have a fix for the rear mount on the fairing,The washers are a little too small,so i found some bigger washers that are rubber coated.I got a good deal on the clutch 35$,I called honda about a stock clutch they wanted 12$ a disc.
  4. schwantzmobile

    schwantzmobile Byron Tucker #80 expert?

    777, this may not apply to you but when I had my old CBR I ordered a clutch fiber and springs from Barnett. I found it was also minus a fiber plate as well, after calling them they found I was to use the last (closest to the clutch hub) oem fiber plate first, sure enough the last fiber was different than all the others. It didn't say that in the instructions.

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