California Power Outage

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Montoya, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Montoya

    Montoya Well-Known Member

    Not sure how anyone in California didn't see this coming...
  2. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Considering the fires caused by not doing it last year (year before?) I can't blame them and yeah, it's not a new plan.

    What is with Newsom tho? Why should the residents be outraged if the whole point is to save them and their property?
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  3. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    Wait...I thought solar and wind power were the answer.

    Is sparking really that prevalent? My entire life has been spent in the hot, humid southeast (well except for a mental lapse dad had in 1962 when we spent 7 months in Cedar Rapids, IA) and I've never been exposed to it as a thing.
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  4. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner Dungeonesque Crab

    That left a mark, eh?
  5. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yep, power lines set a big ass fire.
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  6. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    I'm still taking it out on our resident Iowan.
  7. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    I think I'll stick with humidity and hurricanes.
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  8. Montoya

    Montoya Well-Known Member

    Key difference is humid. Has been a real issue in California, that's resulted in those massive fires they've had the past few years. The utilities have been criminally convicted, were mandated with impossible requirements, held in contempt, held civilly liable for billions, and are now in bankruptcy/restructuring. I used to work with a few executives on the utility boards out there, it's a mess.
  9. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert

    They are extorting the California legislature to get a "You can no longer sue PG&E over forest fires." law put in place.
  10. Montoya

    Montoya Well-Known Member

    Not discounting that.... but what is the reasonable and practical alternative?
  11. 600 dbl are

    600 dbl are Shake Zoola the mic rula

    I thought I heard on the Radio that California sued the power company to the tune of billions because of the fires. Now Newsom is bitching that they are taking steps to prevent it again.

    Yup, sounds just like California.
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  12. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    Lower population.
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  13. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert

    Proper management of the natural areas including controlled burning. Allowing the utility to clear enough area as to make sparks a non-issue. You know simple things the voting population of the state will be against.
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  14. G 97

    G 97 What's my name

    I thought Cali had a comprehensive forest fire management plan? Oh wait.
    Well at least their process and procedures manuals contain proper grammar. :D
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  15. TXFZ1

    TXFZ1 Well-Known Member

    Well, that’s a good man.
  16. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

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  17. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert

    This is what happens when you suspend common goddamn sense in favor of feels...what fucking shit sucking state.
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  18. TXFZ1

    TXFZ1 Well-Known Member

  19. BHP41

    BHP41 Well-Known Member

    Can’t they just burn the big cities? It would solve so many problems in that state.
  20. Newsshooter

    Newsshooter Well-Known Member

    The majority of the forest is federal. :D

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