BSA B50 Roadrace

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  1. 83BSA

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    Six time WERA Vintage 500GP national champion. Current AHRMA 500 Premier/500 Sportsman race bike.
    Long (6-1/2”) Ti rod engine. 86 mm x 90 mm (522 cc). Dual plug, Ted Hubbard head with new SS valves, springs and Ti keepers by E&V Engineering.
    40 mm Amal MK II carb. Boyer total loss ignition. NEB clutch. Krober tach. 35 mm Ceriani cartridge front end with 4 leading shoe brake.
    Lightened and polished Manx style rear wheel.
    Progressive shocks. G50 seat. Gearing available.

    $9,500 Talking Rock, GA. 404-285-8349

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  2. kenessex

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    I sure enjoyed racing with and visiting with Ted Hubbard. He is still missed.
  3. Buell1965

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    Very nice .
  4. CharlieY

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    Really nice Dave.....I've been chasing you around on that thing for a long time.

    I hate to see you getting out, but I know ya gotta do what ya gotta do sir.
  5. Robby-Bobby

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    Love those B50’s!!!

    i still want those bikes by the way!
  6. Graham Hall

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    Is this bike still available
  7. 83BSA

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  8. 83BSA

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