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Discussion in 'Wanted to buy or trade' started by DUSTYRHODES, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Blackgt76

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    Taillight is the only part of the bike that has VIN number.
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  3. teamneon

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    something had to take the place of the funny money thread...dont hate on his attempt lol
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    1.21 Gigawatts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Not taking sides here either but I purchased a 2004 zx10r from Chicago cycle center in 2005. After i purchased the bike, they gave me a paint that can supposedly only be seen under black light and had some small pieces in it with #'s on them. They said to put it on the inside of my fairings. The #s were matched to my vin # and if my bike ever got stolen that it would make it easier to find. Well it never got stolen so idk if it worked or not. I dont think he would sell you anything stolen considering how much stuff he sells on here but if he gets bikes from auctions, it could have been a theft recovery.
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  6. Joe02R1

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    I saw an 09 GSXR750 that had the VIN numbers etched on the bodywork pcs but not stickers. I'm pretty sure the guy had them done though and not OEM.

    OP post some pics
  7. goggles600rr

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    I've bought and sold to Spudbud several times. Talked to him on the phone two says ago. He's always been a standup fair legit guy

    ATFULLEAN Well-Known Member

    SpudBud is a Stand up Guy ----- NO DOUBT !


    NOW --heres how it goes ---- theres a sticker on the "FRAME" that denotes that there are a series of "dots as they call them and either they line up in a code or give you a number to call or something to that affect to be able to follow up on the location and or origin of the bike !

    here ya go !

    So please dont say it doesnt exsist just because " So n So " hasnt heard of it !

    but the member in question is AAAAALRIGHT WITH ME !
  10. Joedirt1

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    yes i believe thats what i got from the dealership when i bought my 04 zx10r
  11. jeremyv

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    +1 for spudbud he is a stand up guy and a pleasure to do business with. Just file for a lost title on your plastics. Invisble vin my ass can we get some of what your smokin before you decided to post that bullshit.
  12. Joe02R1

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    Post some pics of the bodywork and stickers in question.

    Have you heard from Spudbud on this yet?
  13. CBRRacer07

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    Also not taking any sides in this debate, but to try and save the OP some dignity, these microdots in fact do exist. I too have purchased a few items from spudbud and I can also vouch that he's an honest guy and my transactions with him were quick and easy and I would recommend him to anyone. I know they exist because I've had them on my 08 CBR1k that I purchased back in 09 from Southern Honda in Chattanooga, TN. Several of these dot's come in a small plastic vial and are applied to various parts all over the bike, I don't know exactly where their all placed because its done by the dealer and I didn't watch the installation. However I did located one which was placed on the frame. It extremely small and applied by some type of adhesive thats water proof and it basically looks like a small piece of clear tree sap and you do need some type of device to read it. They gave me the rest of the unused microdots that I had in a drawer but I got rid of once I sold the bike.
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    ok sorry for the late responce fellas... and a thanx to everyone for stickin up for me.... first off ive only ever sold 1 set of 08+ gsxr 600/750 fairings on here and i also bought that set on this forum.... i also know who i sold them to so i know this is BS.....

    TO THE OP....

    why have you not tried to contact me via pm or phone????

    because you are just talkin shit and have nothing to back it up with.....
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    and boom goes the dynamite
  16. hondaonly511

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    yall have never heard of the invisible footprint?? its a sticker with the vin on it and they put them on almost every part of your car/ motorcycle and when the sticker is removed it leaves your vin behind but cant be seen by the naked eye, i had em all over my far as it being stolen???? just bc its there doesnt mean its instantly stolen, why couldnt they just do a quik vin search??
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    I can always count on the beeb for a good laugh after a long day.

    Carry on.
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    craig isn't it past your bedtime? :p

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