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    DUSTYRHODES New Member

    Purchased some farings for my 08 Chaotic is an idjit... . parts arrived in time and excellent condition

    took my bike to the local inspection because my bike had a salvage title
    here,s the funny stuff our dmw used a blue light gizmo to run over the body work to see if there where any stolen parts. highway patrol informed me that parts had an invisible vin sticker on it
    i will give u guys more details when and if i receive bike back from highway patrol
  2. repsol600

    repsol600 Well-Known Member

    so you think he sold you stolen items?
    did you tell them that you bought the parts 2nd hand? and they weren't originally from your bike? i don't see how thats his fault.
  3. bergs

    bergs no secrets

    I love how people make new accounts for shit like this.
  4. Dpeglow

    Dpeglow Well-Known Member

    And I really dont think fairings are tracked by the VIN...good try though.
  5. EnvyCycles

    EnvyCycles D.RoD

    I have never heard of any fairings with vin on them. So I called my boy that works at the dealer and he said that he has not heard of such thing.
  6. chidadog

    chidadog Well-Known Member

    Ha haha This is the same guy that cried because spud had some serious family challenges and was unavailable for 2 weeks. Everything was eventually explained and some chose not to believe it. Shame people do things like this. Obviously this sorry child has nothing better to do but hold grudges. Again posts D-Head=1 Spud=4300+. He a respected member and seller here and ya ain't touchin that. Go try to slam him somewhere else..but we'll probably see you there too. Basically get a life and stop bothering the WERA family..

    DUSTYRHODES New Member


    for you guys on the wera board
    just because a person has 4300 post doesn't mean a thing
    he was missing for legal troubles not family
    he is known for selling used parts whole kits and such
    he never advertises on wera he just pms people all day
    so i have no reason to lie

    you guys are crAzy if you think there not stickers placed on fairings and once you remove them the id is still there ask your local dealer

    DUSTYRHODES New Member


  9. Bumblebee2

    Bumblebee2 Member


    Spudbud's on plenty of boards, with a good reputation.

    Has sold me stuff before, arrived on time and in great condition.
  10. GixxerBlade

    GixxerBlade Oh geez

    Troll. Oh and your full of shit.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2011
  11. chidadog

    chidadog Well-Known Member

    HHhahahahaha More comedy.. 4300 does mean a thing compared to now 2?? hhaha
    I personally know the family challenge as well as others here. Nothing to do with legal but your twisted mind took you there.
    The only known issue is you making things up in new accounts...
    Search his for sale item here and on others
    So you are lying...
    We know him you don't.. you're just mad because he didn't get back to you while he had to leave
    Now go AWAY...
  12. Josh Whitehead

    Josh Whitehead Crash Test Dummy

    I have bought parts and sold parts to spudbud on several occasions and you couldn't ask for a more stand up, honest guy. As far as this invisible VIN number on the fairings you are so full of it.
  13. rd400racer

    rd400racer Well-Known Member

    I bought a pair of Sidi's from spud and everything went fine.
  14. Captain Squid

    Captain Squid Well-Known Member

    lmao. Invisible stickers......that's a good one. I AM a dealer and can tell you you're full of know how much of a pita it would be to sell fairings as a dealer if they all had
    "invisible vin stickers" ??!?!?!????
  15. bldg636

    bldg636 Well-Known Member

    +1 for Spudbud . . . I've bought parts of of Spudbud a few times with no issues whatsoever . . . Good thing is that enough people have bought parts off of him that one person on the forum won't be able to tarnish his name . . .
  16. sk8rat

    sk8rat Well-Known Member

    +1 For the stud stand up guy :up:
  17. foster

    foster Well-Known Member

    The highway patrolman wanted your bike. Ever seen CHiPs? Ya they ride too, no way in hell you're getting that thing back.
  18. Kevo

    Kevo Well-Known Member

    I guess when guys crash and order a replacement fairing..... Suzuki won't ship it until you fill out that imaginary "Vin# form" and we'll ship you your replacement fairing.

    That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
  19. rd49

    rd49 Well-Known Member

    Better check the funds he paid with, might be counterfeit. :D
  20. boomboom929

    boomboom929 Largely unsupervised

    Have you taken pics of the kickstand yet?

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