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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by GmH, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. GmH

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    Hey there,

    I'm just getting into track days and decided to pick up a better helmet. Previously I've rocked an HJC CL-17 and a Scorpion EXO-T1200 Freeway on the streets. Both have been pretty comfortable, although the Scorpion definitely had a better fit.

    I found the Bell Race Star on closeout for $375 and decided to give it a try. I tried the XS first as that's what I've used for HJC and Scorpion, but I could not even pull it over my head. I tried the Medium in a store and it was loose, so I ordered a Small.

    The Small fits, but I feel some minor pressure points at about 3 and 6 o' clock, and some slight pressure on the temples. Should I expect this to ease up as the helmet breaks in, or should I look at another brand?

    Additionally, even with the chin strap completely tightened, if I really push from the back or the front of the helmet, it move around my head longitudinally. I can move it so that the chin curtain is above my chin, and I can move it so that my nose is above the nose guard.
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  2. Newyork

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    You may not have the right head shape for the Bell range...I know I don't. My head is Shoei/Arai perfect so far and although the Bell RS-1 I still use for track duty fits it's less than ideal. I made the decision to keep it before I realized that not all helmets are made for the same head shapes.
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  3. GmH

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    Thanks... I ended up wearing it around the house enough last night that it started to feel comfortable -- put it on in the morning and immediately felt sore spots that had developed from wearing it yesterday.

    I tried a Shoei RF-1200 in store yesterday after making my original post, and it was a much better fit. Does the X-14 fit the same way? They didn't have one there to try.
  4. RRP

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    Have you tried swapping out the cheek pads for different size? This may address the 3/6 o’clock issue, not sure about the rest. I had to do that with my Race Star last year.
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  5. GmH

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    Thanks for the idea, but it's really not in the cheekpads. It's definitely the shell that doesn't fit my head right. It's particularly noticeable if I clench my teeth -- I can really tell that the shape is not right. Just bummed because it was a nice deal. :p
  6. Newyork

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    Yes the RF1200 fits great, the x14 feels even better! You can find some really good deals on high end helmets over last three have been from other countries. Just make sure you know the size you need.

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  7. GmH

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    Totally! I found Held EVO Titan gloves overseas super cheap, I was able to make that gamble since I already know my Held size! I didn't have a ton of luck finding a better price on the X-14 than STG could get me and since I'm still trying to figure out the best shape and size, I'm gonna go that route. Thanks for the help!
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  8. Tristan

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    I was a long time Scorpion guy but recently got an HJC RPHA 11. By far the most comfy and light helmet I've owned. Several graphics available under $300
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  9. MOTO-D

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    Buying a race grade helmet on-line can be a little to easy but as one of the largest power retailers for Bell Helmets in the US we always invite our customers to call MOTO-D at (845) 621-7177 for expert advice and sizing help. The new Carbon Bell "Race Star" helmets have a multi-density Flex liner that breaks in considerably to the riders head after use, see attached sizing chart here and call if we can assist! >
  10. jksoft

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    I had the same issue with the Race Star. I normally wear a large in the other brands but I couldn't even get a large Race Star over my ears...well I did once and really regretted it. The shape of the helmet just doesn't fit my head. I tried changing out the cheek pads but that wasn't really helpful. The Arai Corsair X fit me like a glove.
  11. sbk1198

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    Same here. Bells just don't fit my head well. It's unfortunate because they make great helmets and they look nice, but for me it wasn't comfortable and my biggest issue was that it sat too far down my forehead so in a full tuck I couldn't see anything ahead of me.
  12. rice r0cket

    rice r0cket Well-Known Member

    I bought one of those Bell Stars on closeout that was "$600 down to $200", I wouldn't do it again.

    Their strategy seems to be to give everything an MSRP of 3x what it should be, and then blow them out in the last 6 months of the year sales cycle at "half price". Materials aside, if you evaluate them objectively, they shouldn't be priced more than $200 to begin with. Fit and finish is among the worst of any lid I've put on my dome. Huge gaps between the shield and the shell, molding that falls off constantly, chin skirt that fell off mid-ride, it's been a disaster all around.

    Save your pennies, get an Arai or a Shoei, hell even the Scorpion modular helmet I just picked up that MSRPs for $250 is better than the Bell.
  13. Chino52405

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    If HJC fits you, I've liked the RPHA 11 and 10. I (and a couple other friends) crash tested the RPHA 10 and were very happy.

    That said, I just ordered a bell race star last week from STG and waiting to see how it works out

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