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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by bsanorton, Oct 27, 2021.

  1. bsanorton

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    I'm a little confused with the back protection requirement for suits. Mine has a full back pad iss this what they are referring to or a separate piece to be worn under the suit or is that racing hump considered a back protector?
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  3. mpusch

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    Good advice above. Just like to echo that you want to do more than just meet a requirement for back protection. I had a relatively slow speed (30-40 mph) highside and hit my lower back on the ground. Was not fun, even though I didn't have a serious injury. I had a basic back protector in, but it didn't have any tailbone protection. Was a wake up call to get something better, and I did. I got this (ForceField Pro Sub 4 Back Protector - Sportbike Track Gear), but it definitely isn't the only quality option out there.

    Point being, don't let yourself get hurt before you get quality protection.
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  4. bsanorton

    bsanorton Well-Known Member

    Thank you both. I appreciate the extra protection. Had a low side at Jennings with no damage except for pride a few years back. Might have to consider a new suit to fit that piece in.
  5. mgiossi

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    Def suggest a chest protector. As for the back protector I'll tell a quick story. Last year I had a crash and the rider behind me went straight into me as I was sliding. I was on my side and he hit me straight on in my lower back. I ended up with 4 broken vertebra. That might sound bad until you see the pictures amd the suit and back protector. Its my doctor and my opinion that my back protector is why I'm walking around today.
  6. DmanSlam

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    Your suit will stretch. I'm in the camp that you want a suit that, at first, is uncomfortably tight to wear. There's a thread on here about that.

    If the back protector can fit in the suit and you're not stressing the zipper to close the suit, you'll just have to "work" the suit. Everyone's preference for "fit" is different though.

    That said: similar to @mpusch , I had a somersault crash onto my back (hands still on the bars). Was a little sore but was able to keep riding with no issues.

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