93rd Annual Loudon Classic - Savvas Kosmidis #88

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    The 93rd Loudon Classic - Ups & Downs

    The Loudon Classic is the oldest motorcycle race in the United States and by far my favorite week of racing. I used to take the whole week off and spent up at the track that I love so much but this year’s plans were a bit different.

    I arrived at the track Tuesday night for the two-day Penguin School, had dinner with some clowns, unloaded and went to bed. Wednesday and Thursday was just endless amount of very enjoyable riding with some great students who were eager to learn, listen and try their best. Although it was very hot and I didn’t get a chance until the end of each day to get out of my leathers I saw a lot of happy faces and many of the students found me to share their excitement for trying something and how it worked or how they lowered their lap times. Great times for sure.
    As Thursday evening arrived I started packing to head back home and for the first time since I started racing I was going to miss the Endurance Race and the Classic.

    I was invited to be part of St. Catherine’s Greek Festival in Braintree, MA and it was a huge honor for me to be there and be advocate of motorcycle racing to the Greek Community. Huge thank you to my good friend, Panos Gregoriades, for all his help at the festival and the good company.

    Saturday late evening I packed from the festival and began my trip back to New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Luckily for me the Classic Schedule had moved most of the races I compete in on Sunday, more importantly the Unlimited SuperSport class in which I am battling with a good friend, Christopher Woodman for 3rd Place, so I was signed up for 3 races on Sunday.
    Saturday night started with a silly idea of using Cole’s Grom as main transportation for some of us during the entire night. This started with 4 people from the North garages to the Center ones. Quickly added Sergio to make it five people on the Grom. At that point, I started questioning what is the world record of most people on a unmodified Grom (no platforms, regular tires, handlebars, etc). Before we knew it we had 7 people on the Grom and Cole was riding it like it was just him on it, leaning in the turns and everything. By the end of the night we had 9 people on the grom and travelled ok on a straight line. After discussing this more the following morning I am very confident we can COMFORTABLY do 12 people. The Guinness Book of World Records has been contacted and we are awaiting their response.

    Woke up Sunday feeling great! I had changed brake pads on the R6 and they still needed some bedding. Went out for the first and only practice and did a bunch of 18s without pushing at all. The endless amount of seat time during the 2 day school and taking 2 days off from riding for the Greek Festival had worked in my favor, allowing my head to be 100% in the game and my body to be rested enough for a great performance. The R6 felt great, I felt great so I suited up and off we go.

    Race #3- Unlimited SuperSport
    This was the ONE that mattered the most. Goals: Do consistent 16s, a few 15s and stay ahead of Woody ;)
    I was gridded in the front row, all the way to the right. Pretty much perfect spot. I had an ok start and went into Turn 1 mid pack, side by side with Woody. And that’s about where my race ended. Contact happened with another rider from my outside, causing me to go down into the grass. I did a decent amount of flips and when I looked up I saw red flags waiving and the corner workers running towards me. At first I felt fine, then a very sharp pain on my shoulder and a bit dizzy, clear sign that I tried to get up a bit too quick. Laid on the grass for a few seconds and slowly got up, walked towards the bike and decided to sit down again. Very upset realizing that I will not be making it out back to this race when I saw the ambulance rolling towards me and the familiar “WTF did you do now” face of my friend Jodie. Memorable moment, Heath screaming from the T1 stands “Sav dude, stay down”. Back to the medical center they made sure that other than a few bruises and a scratch on my knee I was fine. Made it back to the garage where friends and teammates were already evaluating the R6. Between Panos, Cole, Gino and parts borrowed by Steph the put the R6 together ready to continue racing. My love Anna, took care of me, which was much needed. The other rider involved managed to just run over the grass and held his bike up, we met, talked about it and its all good, nothing more than a race incident which can happen in T1 after a start when you have so many people close to each trying to squeeze through a tight line.
    Unfortunately for me that DNF put me out of any possible podium finish on the championship and hurt my bike.

    With the bike back together and Peter Kates from Computrack Boston confirming that we have a bit of twisted front end I decided to go out for my second race of the day and see at least what the bike feels like. So suit went back on and I headed out.

    Race #6 – Heavyweight SuperBike
    I was gridded in second row all the way to the left. I had a great start BUT going into T1 my clutch lever was nowhere to be found. From my crash before the stop of the lever was broken which allowed the lever to rotate all the way to the fairing. I managed to hold it together and rode the rest of the race with a finger or two over the clutch level to hold it in position. I was in 6th place for majority of the race but with two laps to go my left hand got really tired, riding in this uncomfortable position and lost a few most spots. I finished in 10th place and managed to throw together a bunch of 19s with a bike that really did not want to turn right. With the bike like that I decided to drop my last race of the day, but at least I was able to finish one of my races.

    That pretty much closed my weekend. Overall I was very happy because I escaped serious injuries, I was not able to find out what I could do for times and results this weekend but hey I at least made it home in one piece.

    I must once again give it up to the NHMS & LRRS Staff.
    We have the greatest! EMTs, Paramedics, Corner Workers, officials, you guys really rock. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.

    My great sponsors Souhegan Valley Motorsports, Nexx Helmets who kept me safe on my off. Alexander Academy, Alessandro's Ristorante, Computrack Boston who will hopefully have some good news for me soon with the R6, Vesrah Brakes, Chain Wheel Moto, CMP, Ace Cafe, Woodcraft and their amazing products which did exactly what they were supposed to do, Armour Bodies, Penguin, Spears Racing.
    Again huge thank you my Anna and Pano for helping me pack and taking care of me.

    The big goal this year is a great and solid performance at the Isle of Man. A championship in the Loudon Road Race Series would have been amazing but we cant have it all and I cant lose focus on the bigger goal and something I have so much invested. With that I made the decision to race next round, but sit out the August round which is one day before I fly for the Isle of Man. At this point there is too much to lose with nothing really to gain.

    Also I know lots of the LRRS peeps have reached out to purchase the Isle of Man T-shirts and I had plenty with me this weekend but unfortunately didn’t get the chance to go around. I will bring some more at Round4, but please make sure get them through the website so I can at least have every desires size.

    Today is certainly couch day (with the appropriate shirt that reflects my feelings), with ibuprofen, and reading the 100 years of the Isle of Man TT, kindly provided by friend and competitor John Donald ☺
    I discovered a few more bruises and I am fairly sore on both shoulders, lower back and left knee. Still seems like nothing serious and I should be 100% in a few days. Mom is not very happy and wont let me do much right now, but shes happy I am home at least :D

    Thank you all for the support and for checking in on me. I was overwhelmed from the people who stopped by the garage, texted and called.

    Lots of love and hugs to all,


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