88 FZR 4/6 for sale

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by paul hopkins, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. paul hopkins

    paul hopkins New Member

    1988 FZR400/600
    $4800.00 USD

    -43mm forks, all new seals, sliders and clips. Accelerated
    -Technologies Cartridge internals.
    -Traxxion Dynamics new rebuilt Fox TC
    -New EBC Kevlar clutch with SCR springs
    -R6 full pipe with cross-overs and Yosh race can
    -R1 Nissan front master, steel lines
    -3.5-17 R6 front wheel 120/70R17 SC1
    -Full floated rotors
    -Custom FZR1K rear arm, 5.5-17 R6 rear wheel. 180/55R17 Diablo SC2
    -520 conversion
    -CFM rearsets
    -Full custom aluminum sub frame
    -Shorai ballistic battery
    -Full race loom
    -New R6 regulator upgrade.
    -New Dynotec HO coils
    -New NGK 7mm stranded copper silicone racing wires
    -New NGK 5 ohm silicone caps
    -New NGK IRIDIUM IX plugs.
    -New steam bearings
    -New rebuilt shock linkage
    -New EK520 Sprint Race chain
    -full PBI rear gearing set

    The engine is a 629 high comp motor new built last fall.

    All cylinders 200psi+

    New Wiseco 629 high comp full kit
    Full ported head
    Full road race MC cams
    New FZR400 RR springs
    33mm FCR’s fully re-jetted for VP U4.4 with all OE jets. New accelerator pump.
    Fully shimmed prior to Calabogie and VMD.

    368 lbs WET on the CCS scales at Summit Point.
  2. britx303

    britx303 Plagued with FZRs...........

    Vouching for the speed of this Fizzer!! Very quick one and wish I could have bought it at Summit!! The seller and bike gave the modern guys a fit at CCS:beer:
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  3. paul hopkins

    paul hopkins New Member

    I guess I left out a few details. The bike is in upstate New York. We are headed to Gingerman for the Ahrma event in August so it could show up there if need be. We also may go down to Pittsburgh for a track day this summer and we can bring it there as well. Lastly we may just stroll up to Mosport with it for the last VRRA event so if anyone interested is near these locations let me know. And thanks britx303. Admittedly the bike is the jewel, my old butt just hangs on! If there are additional questions about the build itself I will pass those questions to my teammate that did the work. I am not allowed to touch anything on it except when it is time to ride. As for the bike's ability, I think it knocked down 2 class lap records at Calabogie the last 2 years in VRRA. we got down somewhere in the 19's in Loudon last season. And this year we got in the 41's at VMD on a crap track.... I think it was in the 38's or 39's last season with better conditions (and 12 less pounds inside the leathers). The old girl is a firebreather!
  4. gpracer15

    gpracer15 Built to Ride

    damn, sounds like a bike for me......Just bought a 90 GSXR750 though....
  5. shift96

    shift96 Well-Known Member

    Damn wish i had that 90!
  6. paul hopkins

    paul hopkins New Member

    reduced, $4200

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