86 GSXR 750 roller

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    1986 GSXR750 roller. No engine, oil cooler or exhaust. Gsxr usd front end and wheel. Gsxr 4.5" rear wheel. Tail panels, two tail lights, full 7ncut wire harness with ECU, gauges with 15k miles showing, battery box, crush drive, headlight harness, hand controls/switches, motor mounts, tank (real clean inside but small dents). Clear title. Great project! $1200 obo located in NJ

    9367.jpeg 9369.jpeg 9371.jpeg 9396.jpeg 9375.jpeg 9405.jpeg 9351.jpeg 9347.jpeg
    9347.jpeg 9347.jpeg

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  2. shift96

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    More pics

    9320.jpeg 9329.jpeg 9312.jpeg
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  3. shift96

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    Forgot to mention calipers included also
  4. MikeyG2323

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    do ypu have the stock air box
  5. SpeedyE

    SpeedyE Experimental prototype, never meant for production

    Those are 17" wheels?
  6. MikeyG2323

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    what happend to the motor
  7. shift96

    shift96 Well-Known Member

    Sorry everything has been sold

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