2020 ZX10R Race bike with extras

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    Located in Towson Maryland.

    I'm selling my 2020 ZX10R. It was taken out of the crate and built into a race bike. It was never used on the street. I did about 6 trackdays in 2020 and 4 race weekend in 2021. The bike has never been down. The motor work, tuning and suspension work was all completed by MRP Motorsport. This is my 3rd Gen 5 ZX10 race bike and I have gotten it dialed in. It is a proven race winner.

    It has the following Kawasaki Race Kit upgrades:
    -Race ECU, Harness, Head Gasket, Catch can rectifier relocation, toe guard, transmission shims, steering cups, KIT manual and CD
    It is mapped for VP T4 and 93 pump

    -K-Tech DDS Gas charged fork interanls
    -K-Tech DDS Pro rear shock

    Other upgrades:
    -Armour Bodies body work painted by DC Paintworx and DrippinWet graphics
    -Fast Frank rear quick change including underslung caliper mount, SS brake line, axle, spacers, and Litetech adjusters
    -Fast Frank captive front spacers
    -ZX10RR OEM Marchesini wheels
    -M4 Carbon slipon
    -Ceramic transmission bearings
    -Vortex 2.0 rearsets
    -Vortex keyless gas cap
    -Vortex RH case cover
    -Vortex sprockets 17T and 40T
    -EK 520 chain
    -GB Racing LH case cover
    -R&G radiator guard
    -Moto Composites Carbon Fiber frame and swingarm covers
    -Ohlins steering damper
    -Woodcraft clipons
    -Renthal grips
    -Shorai Lithium battery
    -Driven Front brake guard
    -Pit Bull front and rear stand
    -Pit Bull TRS pins for stock axle and Fast Frank axle

    -2x OEM ZX10R rear wheel with rotor and Fast Frank captive spacers
    -1 OEM ZX10R front wheel with rotors and Fast Frank captive spacers
    -New, unpainted complete set of Armour Bodies bodywork
    -Armour Bodies painted belly pan, seat pan, tail section, and front fender
    -CRC bodywork that has been poorly fixed and painted (from my 2016 race bike)
    -2x unpainted tank covers
    -2x dented tanks (no fuel pump or gas cap)
    -Vortex sprockets 16T, 39T, 41T, 42T
    -Exhaust hanger
    -Clutch lever and perch
    -Renthal grips
    -All stock parts that were removed when new. Bodywork, tank and all other stock parts.
    -Service manual
    -Shorai battery charger
    -I'm sure I have more, its all included

    More pictures available. If it doesn't sell in a few weeks I will convert it back to a street bike and part out the race stuff.

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    Beautiful bike man.
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    Bump for a solid dude who corners low . Whatcha building now ?
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  5. alan

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    I have 22 ZX10R on the way. Are you still on a Duc?
  6. jrockcolors

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    TTT.. Ya some what . Trying to sort out something for the season coming . I don’t want to work hard so I’m not sure lol
  7. alan

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  8. alan

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    I do have a clear MD title.

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