2014 Ducati 1199 S - Track Bike - $7000

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    Bike was totaled by insurance and rebuilt as a track bike by a dealer in Kirkland, Washington in late 2019. It was fixed and used as a track bike from that time on. The VIN is clear, but there is no title issued. Last state it was registered in was Washington.

    Issues - The button for selecting modes is snapped off. That said, it is completely functional when using a small (1.5 or 2mm allen wrench to push it. It simply cannot be done while on track)
    The dash had brake fluid on it presumably when it was crashed. It looks marred when the bike is off, but has no real effect on vision when the bike is on.

    Pros: the bike is ready to go right now. I used it for the past 2 seasons and moved to a newer Aprilia.
    Newer Dunlop slicks
    Can be at OPRT track days all summer (I am on staff, so it'll be at check-in)
    Can be at Thunderhill (Willows, CA) 26-27 March
    Termignoni Slip on (I don't think it's a full system)
    OEM Ohlins fork and shock
    OEM Forged Marchesini wheels
    Right matte black fairing is included. It's scratched, but not cracked and would fit on easily.
    Adjustable Rearsets (currently set to GP shift but can be changed to standard shift with no additional parts)

    The wheels and suspension are original which should help you understand the insurance total was due to superficial damage throughout. Around 1500 miles of track use over the past 2 season, of which, most of that has been as an instructor in lower levels. 11700 miles total on clock.

    Bike is located an hour from Portland, Oregon and 3 hours from Seattle, Washington. Close to Cougar, Washington.

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    Oh damn, I just rebuilt a salvage 1199, and have almost $11k into it. It does have K-Tech pressurized cartridges and a TTX, but I would hope it'd be worth more than $7k. GLWS!
  3. 1199sJake

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    Thanks! Working directly with the shop, we were able to have it track ready fairly reasonably. It's why they purchased it from the insurance company after it was totaled.
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    Bike is sold
  5. 1199sJake

    1199sJake New Member

    Bike is sold

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