2012 Yamaha R6 *2,687 miles* Track or Parts NO TITLE $3,950 - NJ

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    SJGRISI Member

    2012 Yamaha R6 - 2,687 miles. I bought this bike in the winter with thoughts to convert it to a spare track bike. It was used by the previous owner on the street only. It's very clean but not in showroom condition cosmetically. It seems to run and ride 100%. There are some scratches on the fairings, a few scuffs on the stator cover, the left peg end is broken off. The previous owner claimed it was never down or dropped. If it was, it was a very, very minor incident.

    I started to do a few things to the bike but have decided to sell.

    - Fresh oil and oil filter
    - Newer air filter (spare one laying around from a previous bike)
    - New chain
    - New battery
    - Fresh brake fluid (front and rear)

    This bike would make a beautiful track bike. I purchased the bike with NO TITLE but would be happy to provide a bill of sale. I'm firm at $3,950. If interested, please call or text 215-219-299two. The bike is located in South Jersey. Thanks for looking.










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  2. OrangeICE

    OrangeICE Active Member

    Do you still have it?

    SJGRISI Member

  4. Trainwreck

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    oh man totally in the market for this... You're so far away! GLWS
  5. prospected

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    Smells hot....
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  6. ahastings

    ahastings Well-Known Member

    what happened to the title if the person you bought it from used it as a street bike

    SJGRISI Member

    I purchased the bike from the original owner with NO TITLE. The bike was tagged and registered. I showed up to the original owner's home, I verified the bike was registered in his name, etc.
  8. Will9465

    Will9465 Well-Known Member

    Sooooo why don't YOU have the title?
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  9. zjay

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  10. Krypt RR

    Krypt RR Well-Known Member

    The original owner will: sell it without a title, pocket the money, dont pay on it, fuck up his credit, repo will be issued, repo company cant find it within 30 days, then it will be reported to the dmv as a stolen bike.
  11. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    If its the same one that's been on facebook , the original owner filed bankruptcy and there is a lien on bike, so no title. Bike technically belongs to the lien holder.
  12. SammyChon

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    I ran the vin.. Its not stolen or totalled.

    SJGRISI Member

    If someone is serious about purchase, I'd be happy to provide any and all details. My cell phone # is listed. A bike with no title isn't ideal and therefore reflected in the asking price. For those making comments, if I, for one second, believed this bike to be stolen, I would not be posting on multiple public forums and providing my contact information. I am an avid track rider and have relationships with multiple local track organizations. If someone is serious, give me a call. I'm not wasting my time responding to speculation from uninterested trolls.
  14. Jscott1

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    Sending pm
  15. SPL170db

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    You should include the amount of money still residue on the lien for interested buyers then. Your asking price is obviously on the low side, but that doesn't help if the lien still has a good amount of payments needed.

    SJGRISI Member

    For those that are too lazy or uninterested to call - I purchased the bike with No title. At time of sale, the original owner owed less than $2,000 on the bike (paying for approx 4 years). It was agreed that the original owner would provide me the title upon paying off the bike (although my confidence in him following through wasn't great). I was not too concerned as bike was planned to use for track only. The bike was tagged and registered at time of sale. Registration was in his name. I had absolute confidence bike was not stolen. Owner did not follow through with his end of the deal (as somewhat expected). Title was never sent. Supposedly, as mentioned, original owner filed for bankruptcy and did not pay off bike. Now I have bike with no title. After talking to different folks, there shouldn't be any issue. Bike is not in danger of repossession. Loan is treated like line of credit (like credit card). His credit will be affected by bankruptcy. Now, if you are interested in the bike still, please give me a call. If you want to give advice, or speculate, or troll from your keyboard, give me a call too and we can talk about it. Thanks!
  17. Krypt RR

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    Still a good deal with no title. Someone looking for a track bike could make half of their money back on this just by selling off the oem fairings, headlights, etc. Bump for a good deal.
  18. Dave K

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    and you signed up and your first and only post is "I ran the vin. . ."
  19. Mongo

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    Until the title is released from the lien holder this bike belongs to the bank. You legally cannot sell it. It's not yours no matter what the deal with the original seller was.

    SJGRISI Member

    Mongo, if you think this post should be removed, please remove. I've been completely honest about title status and situation. This has been miserable. Spending my days defending from comments is not what I expected.

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