2008 Yamaha R6 Track bike

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Signal_jp, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Signal_jp

    Signal_jp Active Member

    Selling my 2008 R6 Trackbike

    Clean Alaska title (not in my name)
    Will come with bill of sale and documentation
    From previous owners
    3k on stock motor

    Upgrades include:

    Full Graves Titanium exhaust
    Ohlins 30mm fork carts, recently serviced
    Ohlins top mount steering damper
    OEM rear shock (175 lb rider)
    Bazzaz ZFI + QS
    Bauce racing reflashed ECU
    Brembo front master
    Vortex clip ons
    Vortex quick release gas cap
    Vortex case saver
    Vortext rear sets - GP shift
    Vortex rear stand
    Woodcraft case saver
    520 chain conversion w/ vortex sprockets
    Steel braided lines - front and rear
    K&N air filter
    EBC brake pads
    Brake lever guard
    Rear MotoD spools
    Frame sliders
    Radiator gaurd
    Track bodywork ‐ rattle can paint
    Pirelli slicks SC1 F/R - 70%

    Recently full synthetic oil change and front/rear brakes bled. Water wetter in radiator. Bike is ready to ride. Bolts have been drilled and ready for safety wire. Quick shifter isnt working at the moment and im trying to sort out.

    Also have a spare Supersport EDR motor but one cylinder has low compression. Would be great for triple criple/450 class

    Im located in San Jose, C . Call or text if interested.


  2. Braxton

    Braxton Member

  3. Signal_jp

    Signal_jp Active Member

  4. Signal_jp

    Signal_jp Active Member

    Bump $4700
  5. Signal_jp

    Signal_jp Active Member

    Weekend bump. $4700 OBO
  6. Signal_jp

    Signal_jp Active Member

    Bump. $4600
  7. Signal_jp

    Signal_jp Active Member

    Bump $4600 obo
  8. Petrified Racing

    Petrified Racing New Member

    When can I get it?
  9. Petrified Racing

    Petrified Racing New Member

    what part of the country?
  10. Signal_jp

    Signal_jp Active Member

    Im in san jose California
  11. DmanSlam

    DmanSlam Well-Known Member

    Nice bike @Signal_jp

    That bike would've been sold out here on the East coast. So much demand on this side of the country.
  12. Signal_jp

    Signal_jp Active Member

    Sold. Thanks for all the interes .

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