2008-2016 Daytona 200 Engine $4250

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    Austin Phillips here.

    We have decided to part out our Daytona 200 race bike and for the most part everything has sold.

    This is our engine we had built by Hudson Motorcycles and it was an absolute ripper.

    Hudson also built the engines for Josh Hayes Daytona effort this year as well.

    Every single part was brand new including the crank, head, valve train, etc. I can provide receipts upon request and comes with a slew of YEC bits.

    The only thing that was considered used was the engine cases themselves and we used a 2017+ head that was then decked.

    We did a shakedown on the bike at Roebling that consisted of 15 laps and unfortunately I had a crash at Daytona on the first lap of first practice that resulted in me shattering my collar bone. After the crash the team got the bike fixed up and it ran fine with the anticipation that Greg Melka would race it in the 200.

    If you have plans to race the 200 in October this is a for sure way to save a ton of money on a otherwise brand new engine built to the maximum allowed specifications per the Daytona rulebook.

    Engine comes with NGK Race Plugs and Graves Case Covers.

    127hp on MR12.

    (661)902-1827 for pictures and additional info
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    I'm assuming this isn't a Gold Wing engine; your listing doesn't say what it is other than YEC parts are involved.
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    Well, given that they only race 600's for the Daytona 200 in the last however many years, and YEC is Yamaha parts...
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    Bump. Still for sale.
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