2006 R1 Piston Rings

Discussion in 'Tech' started by pjed, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. pjed

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    I have a couple questions regarding piston rings that I hope someone can answer...I know there's a few engine builders on here. I purchased a 2006 R1 that dropped a valve. The PO removed the engine, took it apart and that's as far as he got. I bought it in this state having never rebuilt a motor but there's a first time for everything. I bought new ring sets from Partzilla,5VY-11603-01-00, and am at the point of checking end gap and installing them but wanted to confirm something. The sets have and oil ring (+2 retainer rings), a top compression ring and 2nd compression ring. The original 2nd compression ring had a dark coating and a 'T' stamped on it that I assume means "top". The original top compression ring didn't have any stamp or coating. In the new set, top and 2nd compression rings both have the 'T' stamped and both have a dark coating. I realize that the top ring is barrel type with a smaller end gab vs the 2nd ring being a taper type and larger end gap. On the new compression rings, one does have a larger gap than the other but I can't see the barrel vs taper. My questions are, on the new set, am I good to identify the top vs 2nd ring by the end gap and does the 'T' truly stand for 'top'? Thanks
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    The T faces up. Top ring is chrome. Buy a tapered sleeve ring compressor. Wiseco makes them.
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  3. pjed

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    Both compression rings have the dark coating in the kit. The one with the larger end gap does, however, have a chrome edge.


  4. pjed

    pjed Well-Known Member

    I already bought a regular, ratchet type ring compressor...will that be acceptable for this application? Also, looks like the tapered ring compressors are specific to the bore size and I wouldn't necessarily be able to use it on other bikes.
  5. CBR723

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    You are correct about the ring compressor being specific and for those applications they are light years better. The ratchet style will work however don't over tighten.
  6. Schwiz

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    Do you want to struggle and buy extra sets of rings, or do you want to get it done in one fell swoop?

    I went through 3 sets of rings trying to get 1 piston in because I was using the ratchet style ring compressor and was a complete noob. Then I bought the tapered one.... one smack and it just drops into the bore. Worth every penny.

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