2005 SV650 $2,500

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  1. kahearn

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    Located in Chattanooga, TN.

    2005 SV650 race bike with;
    - Supertstock motor built by Marietta Motorsports (Atlanta, GA)
    - Power Commander with tuning by Marietta Motorsports
    - Quickshifter
    - Traxxion Dynamics AK20 fork internals (recently refreshed)
    - Penske shock
    - Scorpion exhaust
    - Antigravity lithium race battery
    - Vortex clipons
    - New DOT race tires, front and rear (Michelin Power RS)
    - Safety wired/ready
    - Odometer mileage is 1,500

    - Front stand (T-Rex Racing)
    - Rear stand (Pit Bull)
    - Lithium battery tender/charger

    - Donor frame
    - Donor motor
    - Front rotors
    - Custom subframe for CBR1000 tail

    Not included;
    - Upper & lower fairings
    - Rear fairing for stock subframe
    - Windscreen
    - Steering damper

    Bike has excellent power and handling, with novice race wins/podiums to show. I've also done 1:28's at Jennings on it.
    I am no longer racing and moving with a newborn, so this must go.
    The bike has clearly been down through its race career, but the biggest cosmetic defect is the right side tank dent.

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  2. tdelegram

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    If you part out dibs on Penske
  3. rcarson15

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    +1 if you part out, though unlikely, send me a pm
  4. Ryhno411

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    Third in line on the part out if it happens. Interested in a couple of things. Thanks!
  5. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    4th in line if you part it
  6. kahearn

    kahearn Member

    Pending pickup this weekend.
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  7. kahearn

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