2001 SV650 track/race bike package for sale, central Iowa

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    2001 SV650S Track/race bike package for sale

    Clean & Clear title in my name

    Located in Colfax, IA, about 15 minutes east of Des Moines.

    $4500 takes everything included in pics, including a good 2nd Gen single plug engine.
    Bike has always been stored inside, in my climate controlled basement. The only time it ever sees the elements is at the track. She has seen limited use the last 5 years as my kids hit Jr & Senior high and my summers got busy. I’ve probably done somewhere between 1-3 track days a year since about 2016 or 2017, for a total of 10-15 days since then.

    I picked up a Triumph 675 and need to thin out the herd.

    Oil changed religiously every 2 weekends as long as I’ve owned her, either with Rotella or Mobile 4T synthetic

    Valves checked and adjusted every season


    less than 900 miles since motor was freshened up
    G2 Intakes on Intake side/G1 Intake Cams on Exhaust side
    M4 full exhaust
    Zoran lightened flywheel
    FCR 39 mm flatslides
    Yoyodone SV650RR Slipper clutch w/new OEM plates & fibers; only 1 weekend on clutch since new.
    DID 520VM chain - new in 2022
    15/47 gearing – Superlight steel rear sprocket
    Water pump rebuilt winter 2022


    set up for 180 lb rider
    04/05 GSXR 600 Forks w/Traxxion AK20’s .95 springs
    Penske Double w/650 lb spring
    Less than 1K miles since forks serviced/500 since shock serviced by TWF
    Pirelli 120/70 SC2 Front tire, late 2020 build date, 3 trackdays on tire
    Pirelli 180/55 SC2 Rear. Worked fine last trackday I rode it but it's old and has at leasts 5 trackdays on it.


    Brembo 19x18 m/c w/folding lever
    R6 calipers w/TWF spacers
    Vesrah RJL pads
    rear reservoir delete
    Brembo rear caliper
    lightened rear rotor
    SS lines front & rear


    safety wired to AHRMA standards
    Armor Bodies fairings. Structurally sound but not pretty.
    Woodcraft high mount rear sets
    Woodcraft clip-ons
    Woodcraft clutch cover
    Woodcraft swingarm sliders
    Motosliders frame sliders
    Shindy (I think) steering stabilizer
    Motion Pro quick turn throttle
    TWF clutch cable
    TWF 06+ GSXR 600/750 rear wheel conversion kit w/Ducati caliper bracket
    Endurance Engineering lightweight subframe
    Koso RX1N Gauges
    Race wiring harness by TWF
    Forward mount battery box by TWF
    Shorai battery new 2021

    IMG_1733.JPG IMG_1733.JPG IMG_1749.JPG

    Woodcraft front & rear stands (front stand will need a pin)
    Chickenhawk tire warmers
    new Pirelli 180/55 SC1 (2020 build date, stored inside since new)
    2nd Gen single plug Engine
    2 Front GSXR wheels
    1 Rear GSXR wheel
    Woodraft rearsets complege
    Woodcraft clipon bars
    Front woodcraft stand (needs a pin)
    Rear woodcraft stand
    Hot bodies bodywork w/spare tank & fairing stay
    like new Endurance Engineering subframe
    stock subframe
    N Swingarm
    stock clutches w/2 or more sets of Barnett (I think) clutch plates
    spare radiator or two
    couple boxes of misc spare parts, nuts bolts, axles, etc. etc.

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    More pics

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    and some more pics

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    Righteous SV package!

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    pm sent

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