1st gen SV650 $900 Lehigh Valley Pa

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Deery888, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    I have a bone stock sv650 that was going to be my rain bike/b bike/parts bike trackside. All the street components were taken off and sold, so this is mainly for a beginner trackday guy or for a racer who needs a parts bike or b bike project. Bike needs a battery but was running fine before the battery died during the winter. Bike will come with some cut up crashed bodywork that will pass tech (it passed ccs/asra tech on my main bike last season). The bike is STOCK, stock shock, stock brakes, stock forks, ect. I do have a spare set of rims that will go with it. Looking for $900 obo or willing to trade for a stock100 bike for mini racing.... she’s not pretty, but she will do the job. I can send more pics upon request, text is easier to reach me, 6105047695

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  2. Seif J

    Seif J Active Member

    Do you have title...? ...I might be making some bad decisions.
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  3. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    Yes bike has a title, I believe it’s salvage and I’d have to find it but it definitely has one ha
  4. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    I have updated pictures I can send to anyone interested.
  5. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    Location? I hope you are far away...
  6. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    Haha... I’m in Lehigh valley pa, about an hour north of philly. I can text some more photos i took just this past weekend if your interested
  7. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    Buying a $900 SV that runs is always a good idea
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  8. attack636

    attack636 Well-Known Member

    still for sale?
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  9. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    Yes still for sale
  10. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    Had the battery on a charger, she fires right up. And goes through all the gears. I’ll mount bodywork up for the buyer. Track ready sv for $900 obo. Again, she’s not pretty, she’s bone stock, but she’s a good 2nd or 3rd bike or a great platform for a beginner. I have more pics I can send to anyone through text 6105047695
  11. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

    $800 obo
  12. Deery888

    Deery888 Well-Known Member

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