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Discussion in 'Tech' started by ttc, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. ttc

    ttc Well-Known Member

    hey guys been tinkering with a 03 r6 that was a track day bike. When the previous owner got the bike it came with ss lines, ohlins internals and springs in the forks, race skins, acropovic slip on and a pc3 not installed. He put on a elka rear shock. over the last 6 months i have scrounged up some more parts for the bike. Spare rims, rotors and cush, Yoshi header, bmc race air filter, newer r6 radial master, factory pro velocity stacks and 05 throttle body assembly. front seemed ok for my weight but back was sprung to hard so i got a lighter spring. setting suspension will have to wait till closer to the riding season to see what i weigh lol... A friend once told me losing 8 lbs is like gaining a hp to get me motivated to get in shape over the winter!

    I have read on the Y.E.C. parts for there velocity stacks for road racing to put the outer stacks in the middle and put the yec ones on the outsides or use all 4 for hp at the top end. Can anyone comment on both setups

    I got the 05 throttle bodies as they are a bit larger bore and since the thing will never see the street i was not concerned about start and stop riding or low rpm riding.

    I have also looked at blocking up the slides, what i have read on forums is it is a big difference in throttle response. I ride a 99 fi srad on the street so the on off of the throttle when riding in town i am used to. again any comments on this.

    since the bike is laid up for the winter i thought bout pulling the head and putting in a yec race head gasket. but i don't want to run race fuel so am wondering how much the compression would change. i thought i read that stock is 60 and you can get 55 and 50 yec gaskets. At the same time i wonder if a manual cam chain tensioner would be good investment.. I know they are a must for the srads. have one in my srad and b12.

    after all the changes are made i will install the pc3 and get a dyno tune for it as i know it will need it. I never had much luck with generic maps and for what i would like to do it would be far from generic changes.

    Please guys I would like constructive criticism and advice :) no flaming please i have been googling for any info also.

    thanks to anyone that takes the time to read this weather you comment or not
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    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    my 2c, and not much time, getting a dirt bike ready for a harescramble..
    from 04 to 06, I owned 4 of Robert Jensens 03-05 r6 race bikes. These bikes at the time were very very very good near factory bikes. He kicked serious ass on em. I raced them all quite successfully in club racing myself.
    1- don't get the v-stacks. IF your going to road america or Daytona where you will be wide open and high rpm for most of the time, then maybe think about it. But you will loose some of the increidble midrange the 03-05 has by doing the short stacks across the board. There is a reason they come with 1/2 taller.. leave em alone. Yes, you may see a slight INCREASE in TOP END hp, that is not what always gets you around the track better..
    2-slides stops.. VERY GOOD IDEA! Graves still sells em i think. SPecify the year as the fuel regulator is diff for the 05. These were some of the best money i spent that made the bikes BETTER than they came to me.. better by smoother transition from closed throttle to just open mid corner. No more "lurch" when you go from closed to open..
    3-05 TB.. yes, good idea. Little bigger than 03-04 excellent idea.
    4-LEAVE THE STOCK AIR FILTER. We had all these bikes on the dyno at various times and even the $200 YEC kit filter made no more hp than stock. The 03-05 foam CLEANABLE filter is awesome.
    5-little off the head, thin gasket, cam timing.. the bike will be a track day weapon.

    I actually sometimes, occasionally, once and awhile.. wish i had one of my 05 bikes back. :)
  3. ttc

    ttc Well-Known Member

    thanks for the reply :)

    hmmm midrange is not something i really want to lose so i will stick with the stock velocity stacks.

    I have some tubing i can cut on lathe to the right length for the slide stops so that i will do. With the 05 throttle bodies comes the regulator for higher fuel pressure. I think they call for higher pressure on the 04 03 when you block the slides.

    i know adjustable cam gears are not to expensive but degreeing a cam is something i have only ever seen done on a small block chevy.

    i see old stock yec thinner head gaskets from time to time so i will pick some up when i can. not sure if i go as far to get the head shaved.

  4. emry

    emry Can you count? 50 Fucking what?

    Forget the YEC head gasket, get the OEM and remove the middle layer. (three part metal gasket, just becareful removing the rivets). I just drilled and pinned my slides cause I am cheap. Slot your sprocket holes and learn. Other than that Melk has shared his R6 wisdom, drink.
  5. ttc

    ttc Well-Known Member

    cool i never thought of pinning the slides.. as for slotting the holes that is a great idea to. i didn't know if the gears where pressed on or not. most my wrench time is on suzuki's and i have not gone very deep into the engines other then shimming valves and putting in ape mcct.

    I am an aircraft mechanic so tools and skill are not a problem only i am a visual learner guess thats why i had my biggest eureka moment when i seen my first penthouse many moons ago lol. Anyone know of any good write ups on degreeing cams in a bike with some pics. maybe some base line numbers i could start with.

    the lest i spend on parts the better as more can be spent on track time.
  6. ttc

    ttc Well-Known Member

    ronayers list the head gasket at just over 50 so local stealership will want probly upwards to 100 bucks for a stock head gasket.

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    using a stock head gasket with mid layer is a great idea, and saves time and money (cheaper and can get anytime - $100 for stock?? No way. $40-50 maybe) HOWEVER!!! you need to instal a carb main jet as an oil restricter .. without doing that, you get too much oil up into the head (or somewhere). Anyway, that needs done as the mid layer is the layer that has the oil restrictor hole on the far side.

    Cam timing isn't just about knowing how.. it is about having GOOD NUMBERS on the in/ex. wrong numbers can make poor power, or at worst if WAY off destroy the motor if you have tight clearances. Milling, thinner gasket and good cam timing numbers REALLY wake up the 03-05 r6.
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  8. ttc

    ttc Well-Known Member

    I'm in canada so parts are more from the stealership. If I price check it at a place like Ron ayers I know my dealer wil want alot more.
  9. ttc

    ttc Well-Known Member

    hmmm one more ? in reguards to the ecu will 03 be fine once the pc3 has a dyno tune done and a custom map made or would i need a 05 ecu? also is the 03 and 05 injectors the same?
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  10. ed who?

    ed who? the opposite of eharmony.

    spot on. i would NOT do stack and whatever you do RUN OEM AIR FILTER (clean, NOT soaked in oil like your 1983 cr480 dirtbike). The slide stops are ok, imo not needed. Some of my riders didnt like the throttle response with them installed (especially in the rain) the 05 TB are nice, but again kinda overkill..yuo wont get beat by the 1-3hp. most the hp came from the head..like he says, get it prepped SS good and you'll be fine. DONT pull the mid layer...melk explained...its not good. also leave cams at OEM timing if your not sure, honestly the 03-05 timing stock was not too bad unless your really trying for every little detail..better safe than sorry. you might not notice 2-3 degs camtiming but i promise yuo will notice too little ptv ;)

    Watch the shift detent springs for breakage (keep a spare and gasket, $3 part that can end your weekend, 15min job to change)

    one of the best all around bikes made.
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  11. knockoutwork

    knockoutwork MARRC Track Day

    I just did the 05 TB on my R6: but hsvre not ran it! I an using the stock VS but using all four short stacks..... We will see, I also got the YEC head gasket and Graves Adjustable Cam gears, not sure what they degreed them to:? Also need the PC to adjust for the mods: But more information is always better! I also there are good Rotors on the market Versha as well as pad that I noticed a huge breaking feel! I also did the Brembo of a newer R6 that I can wait to hit turn 1 deeper!

    My question in on the best way to get the newer R throttle on: is it possable or am I missing something?
  12. MELK-MAN

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    ok.. 2 users that know these bikes pretty well have suggested leaving the stock v-stacks in, but somehow you know better? Have at it, it won't break anything but your hurting the overall performance of this motor. If you somehow can keep the rpm's up around 13,000 or more .. all the time.. it may be of some benefit. Robert Jensen didn't mess with em, i left em, most others i know except at 1 track left em.. maybe ya should leve em?? :)

    Any adjustable cam sprocket i bought, you had to set the cam timing.. i would Call Graves and ask em what they set em at but even THAT won't be exact because of specific motor specs. Im pretty sure you have to set cam timing with the motor assembled.

    I have no idea what you said in that last sentence/question about a "newer R throttle on".. explain more.
  13. knockoutwork

    knockoutwork MARRC Track Day

    I got a newer r6 clip on for the better front Master cylinder: as well the cut off switch: but it appears that the newer throttle cable does not fit my R6 unless I am doing something wrong: I hate to spend extra on the pro motion throttle kit:but I did not see any thread on this mod: I did find other thread on site on the VS and leaving in the stock plastic ones but to use the same size across the the stack...but I could be wrong, I have two air boxes and removed the two short one and used it in the 05 air box....
  14. knockoutwork

    knockoutwork MARRC Track Day

    Also: I am running the UNI air filter: not seen too much on that filter!
  15. MELK-MAN

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    your not much on reading prior posts it appears.. In more than 1 post it has been discussed that the stock filter is the way to go on the 03-05 r6. Dyno time proved it, race results proved it.
  16. knockoutwork

    knockoutwork MARRC Track Day

    05 R6

    I had the air filter a long time agao: But I agree with that you are saying! I still got the stock filter and will run the stock 05 VS: Thanks for all the great info! I can wait to run it: What about the 05 vs 04 ECU? If I run a Powwer Commander would it matter: I see that the 05 ECU has adnavced ignition and other settings changes from the 04... any thought?
  17. MELK-MAN

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    if your running 05 throttle bodies, i would think it best to run the 05 ecu .. but not sure it would really matter. ed who? with EDR or other professional tuners would be more qualified to say on that. I do know you can retard/advance ignition timing via a power comander. We found about 3hp with retarded ig timing at higher rpm and upper throttle positions when running mr9 VP fuel.
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  18. knockoutwork

    knockoutwork MARRC Track Day

    slide stops

    On making those slide stops: what size is needed, I was thinking of making if possible?

  19. knockoutwork

    knockoutwork MARRC Track Day

    how to make a Oil Catch Tank r6s

    I was looking at the YEC service manual and thought that there should be another can option to purchase and install, not sure exact location of the two hoses go into:

    also the Oil Pump Set (5MT-A3100-70)
    Is this a good option to upgrade? not sure if there is another option but the YEC one?
  20. R6_zealot

    R6_zealot I just want to go fast!

    I was pretty sure you could not adv/ret ignition with a power commander on the 03-05 R6s, they are a CDI ignition if i'm not mistaken, but I am always up to learn something new if you can shed some light on this.

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