03 r6 stumble (kinda like hits the limiter)

Discussion in 'Tech' started by ttc, Jun 18, 2011.

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    now that the season is in full swing we are getting to give the r6 a work out. I know for many a 03 is a old bike now lol. I having a issue with the bike where the engine will stumble and it kinda sounds like its hitting the limiter but it can be anywhere in the rpm range and throttle position. It is a random thing that happens for only a second or so. the bike mods are slide block, 05 fuel px regulator, velocity stacks on 1 and 4 with short stock on 2 and 3, 5 degree ignition advance, bmc race filter, full yoshi system, yec headgasket, pc3 with custom map.

    The previous owner said it had a issue he couldn't figure out what it was caused by but up till now we never seen the stumble issue. but he changed the throttle bodies(complete with injectors and tps and map sensor), coil sticks and the fuel pump to no avail.

    the bike got alot of its mods over the winter and the custom map was done just this week on a sae dyno. we did see the stumble when it was on the dyno the only thing we see that happened was that on the powercommader the duty cycle would go to 100 percent and the engine would just basically hang at what ever rpm it was at. the airfuel ratio would stay the same but the engine woud just hang up. Also at idle every once and a while the computer would dump in a bunch of fuel ad the bike would load up and take a second to clear itself out. before i start throwing parts at it like the previous owner i thought i throw it out there to see if there is anyone out there that may have any info that could help.

    I have lifted the tank and put it into diagnostic mode and there is no fault codes stored and since a friend had his 04 at the track i stole his ecu while he was out marshalling but the problem stayed.

    like i said any suggestions are welcome and please no flaming.


    best pull of the day.. bike pulls great besides the random hick up

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